Sunday Afternoon Armed Robbery

 Laurens City Police responded to an Armed Robbery on Truman Street at 4:31 yesterday afternoon. A woman told officers she heard someone at her back door and thought it was her husband putting his key in the door. She said she went to the door and opened it without looking, only to discover a man pointing a silver gun at her and asking her if anyone else was in the house. When she told him she was alone, he reportedly told her to get on the floor. When she told him she has seizers and lying on the floor could cause one, he had her go with him to a bedroom, where she sat on the bed as he went through drawers. He then took her to a second bedroom and went through the drawers there, as well. The man left from the back door, but returned because he had left his pistol on the bed in the second bedroom. She said he then told her to lie down while he left her husband returned home about five minutes after the intrusion.  The husband called police. A small pocketbook containing the woman’s ID and $60 was the only thing noted as taken in the Armed Robbery. There was a small tin top that was on the floor in the grandmother’s bedroom. The subject had taken it from the drawer and left it on the floor when he left. The subject was described as a 6 foot tall black male of medium skin color with slender build. He was wearing blue jeans, hanging down, with red boxers.