Top Ten Reasons For A Woman To Have a Pet Dog Rather Than A Husband.

 10. Dogs are happy with the same food every day.

  9. Dogs won’t tell you that their Mother could cook better than you.

  8. Dogs don’t care how long you were out shopping or how much money you spent.

  7. Dogs do not whine because it takes you longer to get ready to go out, then tell you that from behind it looks like 2 bulldogs fighting under a blanket.

  6. Dogs do not lay on the couch and watch the ball game while you do all the housework, laundry, etc., Poot real big and ask what’s for dinner.

  5. Dogs will sit, speak, or dance for a treat… a man thinks you owe it to them.

  4. Dogs don’t look at your chest instead of your face when you are talking to them.

  3. Dogs do not get mad at you if you have a headache, and will take up for you no matter what.

  2. Dogs don’t act like they are dying and expect you to wait on them hand and foot just because they have a runny nose.

 1. Your pet dog will not watch you work yourself into a tizzy all day, fix dinner and do dishes,all without their help, take a shower and absolutely fall into bed, then they try to cuddle up to you with a day old stubble on their face and ask if you feel frisky tonight !