Top Ten Things That Grown People Are Afraid Of In The Dark

by Jan


10. Face it, it’s dark, you just flat can’t see anything, doesn’t really matter that you can’t find your glasses.


 9. Scared that if something drags you in the dark, when they get you in the light , they might turn loose.


 8. We were told by the baby sitter to stay in bed and if we stuck out feet over the side of the bed, a booger would grab them and pull us under.


 7. Afraid that someone might turn the light on quickly and you will be standing in front of a mirror.


 6. When you hear a bump in the dark, you can’t see what it is or where the sound came from.


 5. Someone showed you eyes that glowed in the dark when you were little, you found out later it was a cat, but it still scares you.


 4. You watched a scary movie, now in your bed and it is dark. You just know that sound was the weird things coming to get you.


 3. When you get up in the dark to go to the bathroom, you just know you are going to hit the side of a chair or the dresser with your little toe, and most of the time you do.


 2. It is very scary because you might forget where you put your gun, and you can’t find it in the dark, but if you turn on a light, then what scared you will see that you are not armed.


1. It’s the middle of the night and very dark. You remember that you drank a little too much earlier.You feel someone else in the bed with you. You are very scared that in your drunken stupor, you brought home a three bagger !!