Two Accused of Break-in, Malicious Damage

   Two people have been charged with a home break-in and malicious damage east of Laurens last month. The man and woman were arrested yesterday by Laurens City Police on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office.

Charged with 2nd Degree Burglary and with Malicious Damage were 25-year-old Sabrina Marie Kelley of 722 Sullivan Street, Laurens and 27-year-old Kendricks T. Lockhart of 218 Independence Avenue, Laurens. Both are accused of entering a dwelling on Dragon Trail, Laurens February 18th without consent and with intent to commit a crime therein. Sabrina Marie Kelley and Kendricks  T. Lockhart allegedly entered the dwelling at night and caused $5,000 worth of malicious damage to personal property.

Both were being held overnight in the Johnson Detention Center pending arraignment on the charges today.