Clinton Electric Rates Increasing

 An increase in electric rates charged by Piedmont Municipal Power Agency (PMPA) to its member utilities was passed by their board last month.  At Monday’s meeting of Clinton City Council, City Manager Frank Stovall recommended that council pass an ordinance amending the city’s current fiscal year budget to implement an increase in the rates charged by the city. 

The impact of the PMPA increase necessitated an increase of 7.5% in Clinton’s electric rates but Mr. Stovall told council that the city was taking steps in reducing costs and recommended a lower increase.  He told council that an increase of 5.7% was needed and that the rest would be made up with cost cutting measures at the city level.

After discussion, council voted unanimously to pass the requested ordinance on first reading.  Passage on two readings is required before the ordinance can become effective. 

If the ordinance does pass second reading next month the increase will be effective May 1st, the same date that the increase from PMPA will take effect.  The impact to the average residential customer of the Clinton Utility Department would be approximately $7.70 per month.