ALL District 56 School on LOCKDOWN

Lockdown One.


That was the status of all schools in Laurens County School District 56 today after district officials received what they termed a “threatening written communication” earlier today.

Lockdown One means that exterior doors are closed and locked but inside the school, students, teachers and faculty are free to conduct normal operations.  As schools are being dismissed parents are required to sign out each student.


District 56 officials tell WLBG that a written communication of a threatening nature was received and was immediately turned over to officials with the Clinton Department of Public Safety.  We are told that both Clinton City officers and SLED officials are now involved in the investigation.


While the threat was deemed serious enough to prompt a lock down and involvement of local and state law enforcement officials, district representatives tell WLBG that with the safeguards immediately instituted today they do not believe that any students are in imminent danger.


Please stay tuned to WLBG and for more details on this developing story.