Concerns of a Cell Phone and a New Baby

   Laurens Police Lt. Heath Copeland and Sgt. David Brewer were dispatched to a residence at 12:49 yesterday afternoon on a report of a stolen cell phone, but found there was a bit more going on. A man said he had left his cell phone at home when he left his residence, and that he returned to find it gone. He accused his daughter of stealing the phone. The whole family reportedly got into a verbal altercation outside the residence. The daughter reportedly drove off down the street in his vehicle, saying she did so because she thought he was going to hurt her new baby. She drove down the street and the whole family kept arguing. The man stated his daughter hit him during the incident. She told officers she was trying to get him away from her baby. Officers explained to him and her that they needed to act civil and stop all this and get their issues worked out. Lt. Copeland explained how to track the hone and have it cut off. The man agreed to leave for a little while to let things calm down.