Top Ten Things We Have Learned About Drones

 10. The use of drones can be dated back as far as the civil war. Both sides tried using balloons loaded with explosives. Look Ma, let’s shoot that balloon down !


 9. Drones will be able to see through walls. Now you can know that the goodlooking neighbor lady uses padding. Pushup bras will not be anyones secret anymore !


 8. Drones can track people based on height,age,gender, and skin color. Wonder how they will track albinos .


 7. Drones can be used for monitoring crops. I can hear it now, Pa, what we growing in the garden this year ? I don’t know, call the White House, they will know.


 6. Small, birdlike and insectlike drones are in the experiment stage. Soon that  mosquito you see outside will be after more than just your blood.


 5. Drone warfare will limit collateral damage. Collateral damage means stuff they didn’t mean to destroy, like they got you but really meant to get your neighbor, isn’t that comforting to know ?


 4. Drones can’t avoid other low flying objects. Wonder what will happen when a drone can’t avoid a bald eagle. We would get a stiff fine and jail time for killing one.


 3. The first drone assisted arrest of a U.S. citizen on our soil was in the arrest of Rodney Brossart in August of 2012. They wanted his arrest for felony cow theft. You can relax now because the drones will will keep your cows safe.


 2. We used to look up to the sky and say it was a bird, a plane, or superman. Now we say it is a bird, a plane , superman….nope, its a drone !!


 1. Do you know what they call you after a drone has visited your house ? A crispy critter !!