Double Domestic Violence Suspect Found

    A man wanted for two domestic assault charges was located and arrested after 11 last night. Corporal Tonya Garrick and Deputy Steve Patterson went to a location on South Hampton Street, Joanna at 10:55 last night on a report that Jeffery Arrowwood was at the location. The resident allowed the deputies to search the home for the subject. Officers were searching an upstairs bedroom when they reportedly found him hiding on his stomach, facing the floor underneath a mattress. Corporal Garrick then placed handcuffs on Arrowwood, arresting him for two Criminal Domestic Violence warrants. Deputies had been dispatched to Joanna last Wednesday night after a caller to 911 reported observing a man assaulting a woman. Arrowwood was not present when deputies arrived then.

Last night, while arresting the suspect, deputies reported they observed a blue pill bottle on the suspect. He reportedly stated all that was in there was ‘his change.’ Deputies reportedly retrieved change from the bottle and a small piece of notebook paper, in which a white powder substance was found. Officer also reported retrieving a clear pipe and a straw, determined to be used as drug paraphernalia for various narcotics.

24-year-old Jeffery Allen Arrowwood of 105 Tillman circle, Joanna was being held overnight to be served with the two Criminal Domestic Violence warrants.