Top Ten Meaningful Things to give People That Need Them.

 10. Emil Finley…A beeper to fit in his hat so he can always know where he left it.

  9. President Obama….A super duper pooper scooper. With this he can walk Bo and save the taxpayers $100,000 a year.

  8. Randy Stevens…A dumptruck load of crush and run to put in the mudhole right outside the shedhouse where he keeps his motorcycle.

 7. Joe Biden…Blackberries,salmon,spinach, and extra virgin olive oil. These foods help the brain function.

  6. Nancy Pelosi….Nevermind, I don’t think anything could help her.

  5. Michelle Obama…A new pair of $2.99 flip flops so she can look like our first lady when she goes on vacation.

  4. Donald Trump….Please let’s take up a collection to get him a new hair style.

  3. Joan Rivers….A new facelift, her chin is not close enough to her forehead yet.

  2. Janet Jackson…Some new clothes so she won’t have to be half naked while performing .

  1. Jabori Cook…A detailed map of Laurens County with a dvd explaining how to use the map starting at the Sonic.