Top Ten Good Reasons To Live Near A Chicken Farm.


10. If some of the chickens get loose and nest in your yard, you can have fresh free eggs from free range chickens. 

9. You won’t need an alarm clock cause the roosters will wake you up early every morning, even on the weekends. 

8. Maybe you can talk your neighbors into letting you have some chicken manure for your garden, makes them maters taste good. 

7. You ladies won’t have to worry about wearing perfume for your husband cause he won’t be able to smell it anyway. 

6. That little surprise that your puppy left in the hallway won’t seem half as bad to clean up as it probably won’t out smell the chicken manure. 

5. Want feathers for your old pillows ? Just go outside and catch the chicken feathers as they float by. 

4. If the chicken farm is on the north side of your house just open the south windows, if it is on the south side open the northern windows, etc. 

3. Pray that you don’t have an egg sucking dog !! 

2. Ever hear someone ask you to taste some meat you have never tasted before and they tell you it taste like chicken ? Well, you can cook anything you want to outside and it will smell like chicken. 

1. After you have lived by this chicken farm for over a year, and your husband comes home from work and asks you what’s for supper….I bet you won’t say chicken !