Top Ten News Stories Not Covered by WLBG

10. A grave situation recently occurred in California when a mortuary buried the wrong Woman. Her Husband said that he just thought she had changed a lot.

9. A middle school student got in trouble at school for giving away money. She brought $20,000 of her neighbor’s money and gave it away $500 at a time.

8. Dog survives after eating 111 pennies. What was he thinking? Did he tell his buddies they tasted like chicken?

7. A psychic has decided that space aliens are much better at sex than earth men. Randy, have I showed you me new ET costume yet?

6. Levi’s has developed some new jeans made of recycled plastic water bottles. They have a tag that says made from Trash. Could you fill your pockets with water?

5. Workers at as local fast food restaurant called the police when an in toxicatred man passed out in his French fries.they might have believed him when he said he was just looking at them if he didn’t have one hanging out of his nose.

4. A new computer virus sends you an E-mail letting you know hundreds of dollars of pizza have been ordered on your credit card. When you click the cancel now button, a virus is installed on your browser letting someone see everything you do.

3. A Miami Teenager who was running from the Police asked a homeowner to help him hide out. The homeowner was a Miami detective. The teenager did get rest on the coach before he got taken to jail.

2. A 62 year old man was fired from his job after saving some children from a shark on an Australian Beach. The man was supposed to be on sick leave when his boss saw him on TV.

1. Judge Judy may be going back to court, but this time on the other side of the bench. A woman claims her husband sold the Judge some china for $50,000 that should have cost $500,000. Sound to me like the husband fired the first shot at that divorce.