Top Ten Things I Observed At Lake Greenwood This Past Weekend.

 by Jan

 #10. Squirrels playing leapfrog, at least that is what I thought they were doing.


 #9. A bridge full of people fishing, then the Game Warden showed up. Not too many people stayed after that.


 #8. Beautiful blue birds, at least I thought they were pretty until one crapped on my blouse.


 #7. I thought I saw a coyote walking upright….oops that was just mountain man. A man that has a long beard, long hair, and missing his two front teeth. He kept calling me baby.


 #6. I found out that beer is called the “cussing juice”, and “liquid courage” in Waterloo.


 #5. The wind was blowing so hard that the minnows people were fishing with looked like spinners waving in the breeze.


 #4. Someone had a nosebleed and one of the guys said to use a tampon for it. Said it had a lot of storage capacity plus a string for removal.


 #3. Saw a cute little bald headed man come out of his trailer and relieve himself. He had no idea that we could see him…had on cute little briefs !!


 #2. Attended a bonfire party. They cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, had chips and baked beans. Just sat around the fire pit and talked and laughed. Mountain Man must have had a little too much beer cause all he said was “chicken bone, chicken bone”. It is a different breed of folks.


#1 I actually saw huge woodpeckers, I didn’t know they got that big. They have beaks about 6 inches long and instead of just drilling on the trees, they rip the bark off with their beaks and then get the insects.