Top Ten Differences Between Birthdays for Men and Women

 10. Say happy birthday to a man and he says thank you. Say happy birthday to a woman and you better have flowers, candy, or charge card to hand her.

  9. A man will be glad to tell you his age, but after 49, don’t ask a woman, you will get real dirty looks and no answer.

  8. Let a man go fishing or biking on his birthday and he is as happy as a Lark. Try that with a woman and the Lark turns into a buzzard real fast.

  7. Ask a man what he wants for his birthday and he will be right up front as to what he wants. A woman will tell you in so many ways, hints, and even get her girlfriend to tell you what she wants.

  6. You can give a man a nice mushy card for his birthday and he will like it. You try giving a woman a card then try to love on her….unless you got diamonds in that card….it ain’t happening John Wayne !

  5. A man will appreciate whatever meal he gets for his birthday. Try taking a woman to Fast Food for her birthday….ever seen the moon up close in person ?

  4. Give a man a pair of boots for his birthday and he is happy. Give a woman a pair and let’s see who’s butt gets kicked !

  3. A nice pair of jeans a man will like for his birthday, you give a woman a pair of jeans you better have 100 dollar bills in the pockets.

  2. A nice car vac would be great for a man’s birthday. Try giving an expensive vac to a woman and you will get the evil eye til you melt in a puddle. That’s right isn’t it Emil ?

  1. How old are you Randy ? See how easy he answers, now ask me how old I am Randy. I’m 49.95 plus shipping and handling.