Arrest Follows Spat between Two Women

 Deputy Sheriff Steve Paterson was dispatched to a Joanna residence shortly before 11 last night after a woman called to report she had been assaulted by her girlfriend. The officer arrived to hear the alleged victim say she was upset because the friend had thrown her cell phone into the back yard and also had thrown a drink on her as she was in bed. The friend said that the victim had put a hole in a door in their residence. Deputy Paterson explained that he could not arrest someone for damaging their own property, but that he could arrest someone for assault by throwing a drink. Lisa Wooten reportedly stated to go ahead and arrest her if that needed to be done, but started to walk from the house. She was then placed under arrest. 35-year-old Lisa J. Wooten of 212 Sumter Street, Joanna was placed in the Johnson Detention Center overnight, where she was being held for a warrant that was being sought to charge her with 3rd Degree Assault.