Top Ten Universities You May Not Want To Send Your Son Or Daughter To.

# 10. University of Tennessee. April 7 through April 12, they have ” Sex Week”, with events such as ” Bow Chicka Bow Woah”, and How to talk to your parents about sex. Excuse me, but your parents had you, don’t you think they know by now ? 

# 9. Rutgers University in New Jersey teaches a course on Politicing Beyonce. The students get credits for watching her sultry videos and listening to the song lyrics. 

# 8. How about the University of California at Berkley. They off a 2 unit course called ” The Simpsons and Philosophy”. They ask weighty questions like what does Homer’s D’Oh utterence really say about his existential self. 

# 7. The University of Baltimore offers a dedicated course allowing sutdents to get ready for a ” zombie apocalypse”. 

# 6. The George Washington University offers a course called the “Fat Studies”. This study gives a whole new meaning to the term,” Chewing the Fat “. They throw the cultural baggage of overweight people firmly into the light. 

# 5. The University of California, where you can take a course called ” Arguing with Judge Judy”. The course picks apart popular logical fallacies on reality TV shows.

# 4. Why not send the kids to the Reed College of Portland where they can take a course in ” Under Water Basket Weaving “, that is sure to get them a wonderful job.

# 3. How about the University of South Carolina where students can get credit for studying Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. The unit gets students to “engage in sound and substantiated scholarly thinking” on Gaga’s meteoric rise to fame.

# 2.  You can take a 12 week course at the Staffordshire University of David Beckham as part of a BA in Sports, Media and Culture, and included heavyweight topics such as Beck’s ever-evolving hairstyles, the state of his marriage to Posh and his status “as the object of a great many fantasies.”

# 1. Now let us send our kids to the State University of New York at Buffalo. Here they can take” Cyber-porn and Society”. Your son or daughter can actually watch porn movies here. This is where the professor screens the Italian movie Saló, a film that has a great argument for being the sickest movie ever made.