Top Ten Things To Plant In Your Garden This Spring.

# 10. May Pops, they have become rare since kids don’t play outside any more. It was fun to step on them and listen to them pop.

 # 9. Macaroni. I know a man in Fountain Inn that goes to the feed and seed store each spring and asks when the macaroni seed will be in stock.

 # 8. Donuts. Someone sent me some donut seeds and they look just like cheerios, so I got some honey nut cheerios so my donuts will be sweeter.

 # 7. Poke Salad. Don’t many people plant this any more either. I think Exlax has ruined the poke salad business.

  # 6. Rabbit Tobacco. This is not grown much as it does not relax people or give them the munchies like Mary Jane.

 # 5. Money Tree. Everyone needs to plant one of these but be sure you can trust who you buy the seeds from. I got one last year and it only produced pennies and not many of them.

 # 4. Egg Plants. Folks do not grow these thinking you are going to get chickens….Ain’t gonna happen cause egg plants don’t have roosters.

 # 3. Honey. It is not true that if you plant bees, you’ll get honey. Besides these little boogers will sting you before you can get them in the ground.

  # 2. Prunes. People think if you plant prunes that you will get plums. Not true, you will get nothing but runny soil.

 # 1. Spaghetti. A man at Myrtle beach told me that he grows  wonderful hardy spaghetti by putting viagra in the sandy soil. Now, I have wo wonder if it takes four (4) hours to cook !