Firearms Violation

 Laurens City Police were dispatched on a report of a driver who appeared to be intoxicated at 12:03 Sunday morning. Officer Charles Simmons reported observing a green Pontiac cross the center line on Exchange Drive near the EMS station, almost striking another vehicle, and made a traffic stop. The driver reportedly was slow to roll his window down half way, and appeared nervous, feeling the right side of his coat several times. There was concern about what he was concealing. Further investigation allegedly led to discovery of a High Point 9 mm pistol, two magazines and 15 rounds of ammunition. The firearm was loaded with a round chambered. Recovered from the trunk of the car was a Springfield 12 gauge shotgun. No charges were filed regarding the shotgun, but Laurens Police did serve charges on the pistol. 31-year-old William Travis Davis of 378 Duncan Creek Church Road, Laurens was charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol,  accused of having a high point 9 mm pistol that was recovered from the passenger seat of a green Pontiac 4-door that he was operating yesterday. Davis was released on bond later yesterday.