More Logs on North Harper This Morning

 North Harper in Laurens had big logs back on the pavement again this morning.

Last Friday morning, a pulp wood truck was headed into town on US 221 with his load a bit too high. When the truck went under the railroad trestle on North Harper, a top log came off, blocking both southbound lanes. Laurens Police removed the log from the roadway, and a CSX crew was dispatched to check out the bridge.

  This morning, around the same time, another logging truck went under the same railway trestle and this time, two logs came off the top of the truck. Lt. Craft of Laurens Police said an investigation as to what happened was still underway, but initial reports from the scene seem to indicate that perhaps part of a chain from last Friday morning’s incident was still on the trestle, and grabbed the straps securing the load this morning, causing two logs to fall onto the roadway. Workers from the logging company came out and reloaded the logs this morning.

CSX was going to be called back to investigate the bridge, again.