Kleenex Box as Weapon?

 Laurens Police were dispatched to an East Main Street residence at 7:36 last night, where a woman said that she had invited her boyfriend over to her apartment, but now he was aggravating her. Officer Craven advised the man to stop aggravating the girlfriend by being loud and obnoxious, and to leave the residence. The man left the residence and all was well. Except that he returned. Laurens Police were dispatched back to the residence where the woman was again, wanting the boyfriend to leave. She advised that he had come back to her residence asking for a shot of liquor, then he would not leave. She said they got into a verbal dispute during which he threw a Kleenex box at her. He confirmed that he had thrown the box of Kleenex. 

The 49-year-old man was arrested on a Breach of Peace charge and placed in the Johnson Detention Center.