Woman Finds Boyfriend and Allegedly Attacks

 Clinton Public Safety was dispatched to Clinton Manor Apartments at 1:09 Friday morning on an assault report. A 30-year-old Clinton woman had come home and asked where her 34-year-old boyfriend was. She was reportedly told he was, and she went there – to a 28-year-old woman’s apartment at Clinton Manor. She reportedly entered the residence and asked where her boyfriend was. When told ‘none of your business,’ she reportedly pushed the door and entered, then went upstairs and found the boyfriend in the bedroom with the other woman. He reportedly indicated he attempted to avoid being struck by his girlfriend by wrapping his arms around her, cause them both to fall against the fall, knocking a mirror to the floor. The angry girlfriend also allegedly pulled a dreadlock of the boyfriend from his hair. Two other women reportedly came to the apartment and escorted the angry woman from the scene. Clinton Public Safety arrested 30-year-old Emily Pearl Brown of 201 Bell Street Circle, Clinton and charged her with Criminal Domestic Violence. She is accused of attacking her boyfriend in an apartment at Clinton Manor by striking him repeatedly about the face in the early morning hour Friday.

Emily Brown was released from City Jail Saturday on a $2,150 personal recognizance bond.