Obstructed Alleys in Wattsville

   Local history was on the agenda at last night’s Laurens County Council meeting, with council briefed on the 1948 county acquisition of the streets, sidewalks, and alleyways in the Wattsville area from J.P. Stevens and Company. For some time after that, while the mill was still in operation, it provided some services to the properties such as garbage pickup, and keeping the alleyways clear.    

     After the mill closed, however, the maintenance of the alleyways has generally fallen on the individual residents, who use them to access the rear of their properties.

     In the late 1990’s, County Council voted to officially abandon any maintenance to the alleyways, but required that they not be abandoned or blocked. 

     According to Public Works Director Scott Holland, this has not happened. He said Laurens CPW trucks are having trouble with access to the power lines in that area. Council concurred on the need for action and Chairman Jim Coleman requested that Holland develop a plan to get the ally-ways open, and bring it back for council’s approval.