Clinton Man Facing Multiple Financial Charges

 Clinton Public Safety served multiple financial charges yesterday on a local man. 42-year-old Frank Todd Hughey of 113 Milling Street, Clinton is charged with Five Counts of Defrauding a Federally Chartered Institution, Six Counts Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent, and one count of Financial Identity Fraud and 1 Count, Breach of Trust with Fraudulent Intent. Among the charges, he is accused of depositing stolen checks ranging from $600 up to $900 into a bank account, then withdrawing the proceeds. Forgery charges include obtaining of $800 and $1,500. He’s also charged with using a victim’s bank debit card to make purchases in recent months, including one that resulted in $3,000 debt to the victim.

Bonds on the new charges served yesterday totaled $100,000, cash or surety. Frank Todd Hughey remained in the Johnson Detention Center.