Car Fire Call Leads to Drug Arrests

 Laurens County Deputies Brent Rushing and Sgt. Robert Timmons were dispatched to Beaverdam Church Road outside Enoree at 12:36 am Sunday morning on a vehicle fire report. A man had reportedly indicated a fire started by using gasoline to start the vehicle. During their investigation, deputies reportedly spotted items including Coleman lantern fluid in the driver’s side seat and a propane tank blow-torch behind the front passenger seat. Deputies arrested 29-year-old Thomas Carson Lawson and 19-year-old Cherina Ann Hanson, known as “Cookie,” both of 114 Round Street, Laurens. They were charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and Illegal Disposal of Meth Waste. Deputies alleged in warrants that both suspects had in their possession on March 31st items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, and that they illegally disposed of meth waste.

Bonds on the two charges were set totaling $15,000 on each yesterday. Cherina Ann Hanson and Thomas Carson Lawson each remained in theJohnsonDetentionCenterthis morning.