Child Abuse by Drugs in Proximity

 Laurens County Sheriff’s Officers early Saturday morning arrested a man and woman on charges that included Child Neglect by Drug use. 27-year-old Adam William Doolittle and 29-year-old Heather Camille Hanvey were booked with a new address on Carousel Road, Cross Hill. They were  charged with Child Neglect for alleged Drug Activity at 563 Cheek Road, Gray Court. They allegedly Manufactured Methamphetamine in Presence of a Child according to one charge on March 16th. An additional Child Neglect charge alleges the 2-month-old child tested positive to methamphetamine on March 16th.  In another charge of Petit Larceny on Ms. Hanvey, Deputy Bryant Cheeks states that on March 13th Heather Camille Hanvey took a 22 Pistol, 12 gauge pump shotgun and money valued at $650 that belongs to someone else. Bonds on the two drug charges relating to the infant totaled $55,000. Another $1,092 bond was set on the Petit Larceny charge on Heather Hanvey. She and Adam Doolittle remained in theJohnsonDetentionCenter this morning.