People Shouldn’t Hit Other People

 An 18-year-old Gray Court male reported an assault to the Sheriff’s Office just after 5 yesterday afternoon. Deputy Jamie Lee Edwards reports arriving at the victim’s residence in the Green Pond area to discover him bleeding from the forehead, right knee and left elbow. The victim told of going to a location between Laurens and Hickory Tavern after receiving a text from a friend inviting him there to come out to hang out and chill with them. He said that at the location, he went to shake hands with an 18-year-old male he thought he was friends with when that subject allegedly struck him in the face with his fist and a fight started. He said that he put the other dude into a head lock to protect himself, and they wound up under the trailer. He said he left that location and went home to call the Sheriff’s Office. He said he wants to press charges because nobody should get away with hitting other people. Deputy Edwards was to talk with a judge about charges in the case.