Top Ten Reasons to Exercise With Your Dog

By Jan 

 #10. You won’t feel like a heifer if your dog sheds pounds quicker than you do.

 #9. Your dog wont care if your wearing Gucci, or your sweats.

 #8. Your dog doesn’t care about your garlic breath or the tuna salad you had for lunch, but in return you can’t complain about that liver-breath tounge that glides across your cheek.

 #7. Your dog will appreciate not having to pant alone.

 #6. Your dog won’t waste precious time chatting about the latest gossip.

 #5. You won’t have to wait for your pooch to put on workout gear, tennis shoes, or make-up.

 #4. How many of your current exercise partners will cuddle up with your sweaty behind after a vigorous workout.

 #3. Your dog will never be late for a workout because it doesn’t have a schedule and doesn’t care if you are late.

 #2. Your dog will not say that your butt looks too big in sweat pants.

 #1. Your dog will vary the pace for you, maximizing your cardio workout. If there is a rabbit, Hello-Turbo Speed!