Ten Top Questions Asked of An 85-Year Old Woman Being Admitted to Hospital

 by Jan

 # 10. Did you come by yourself or did someone else bring you? This was asked after she was wheeled into the hospital in a wheelchair because she could not walk.

 # 9. Can you breathe well? This was asked as she held tightly to her oxygen and gasped for breath.

 # 8. After being told that she needed 2 units of blood she was asked if they could draw about 5 vials of blood from her.

 # 7. Do you buy drugs from anyone besides your drugstore, like off the street?

 #6. Do you use protection when you have sex?

 # 5. When is the last time you had sex?

 # 4. Is it uncomfortable when you have sex?

 # 3. Bear in mind she was in a wheelchair and could not stand or walk. She was asked if she could pee in a small cup.

 # 2. When was your last period?

 # 1. Are you pregnant or have you had an abortion in the last 60 days?