Two Arrested from Large Crowd Last Night

 Laurens City Police were dispatched Code 3 to an apartment at Laurens Terrace at 10:50 last night on a report that a man was attempting to kick in the door. A 911 Dispatcher reported hearing a man kicking the door. Officer Michael Gainey arrived on the scene and reported observing a large crowd gathered on the front porch of a house, across Pleasant Street from the victim’s apartment. It appeared a fight on in progress at that location. After checking with the woman from the apartment, he had her go inside and lock her door while he went to investigate the crowd across the street. When he inquired of a subject, the subject reportedly replied with an expletive to the officer and attempted to go into the house. Others appeared to then throw rocks at the officer. Officer Gainey pursued the subject onto the porch and escorted him away from the crowd. The subject allegedly continued yelling obscenities, and was informed he was under arrest for Breach of Peace.  The man then allegedly pulled away from the officer and threw several punches, striking Officer Gainey about the head and face. The officer then took the subject to the ground and attempted to handcuff him. A second man (Tryst Johnson) then reportedly came up behind the officer and pulled him off-balance. Deputy Simmons then arrived and told the second subject to back up. When he didn’t, Deputy Simmons used his tazer on the second man. When the original subject reportedly continued to resist arrest, the Deputy reportedly delivered a drive stun the 1st subject. 

20-year-old Tavish Antwan McDowell of 106 Pleasant Drive, Laurens was first taken to the hospital to be checked, then he was delivered to the Johnson Detention Center overnight. He was being held for warrants to charge him with Public Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest with Assault, and with Trespassing at Laurens Terrace.

The second subject, 18-year-old Tyrist Tyrell Johnson of 800 Florida Street, Clinton was also placed in the county detention center, where he was being held this morning for warrants to charge him with Interfering with Police.

The officer allegedly struck in the arrest attempt reportedly received no injuries of note during the altercation.