Not for Sale? – How About for Steal?

 Laurens City Police were dispatched to a plumber’s shop in the 700 block of East Main at 7:53 last evening on a report of someone stealing scrap metal from the business. A witness at the location told officers that two men pulled up in a Chevrolet S-10 pickup saying they were from the Waterloo area and worked on cars. He asked if scrap metal that was in an open storage portion connected to the main shop was for sale. This consisted of five water heaters and one vehicle transmission. The witness indicated he said he didn’t think it was for sale and he went back to work. Later, he discovered that the items were missing. Value of the stolen items was estimated at $1,100. The two men were described as white males, one with red hair and tattoos on his upper body. The other was older with brown hair. Police checked the area for sign of the suspect truck but did not locate it.