Ten Things To Look Forward To When Spring Comes.

by Jan

 # 10. Time change, that’s always such a joy.

 # 9. Great time to go fishing, not such a good time for the worms and crickets tho.

 # 8. Watching those little red mounds of dirt come alive with the cute little fire ants.

 # 7. Seeing little agents from hell flying around like wasps and hornets.

 # 6. Knowing you are going to lose a certain amount of blood from mosquitoes and itch like crazy.

 # 5. Ahhh, the smell of fresh-cut grass, especially when your gardener hired a new boy to help him and the boy cut your flowers down with the weed eater.

 # 4. April showers, we all love to wade out to the car each morning to go to work.

 # 3. Spring break. This is the time  when we can see teenage boys wearing their pants pulled down so low you can look at the cute underwear with hearts on them they got for valentine’s day.

 # 2. We will hear of lots of women going on diets to attempt getting  into last years bikini, but with a little bit more to show this year.

 # 1. Those beautiful wild flowers you went in the woods to pick, now you have little red things all over you that itch like the devil, and someone told you they are chiggers, getting rid of them is very hard to do !!