Ten Unusual Animal Mating Habits

 by Jan

 # 10. The male porcupine showers the female with a long stream of urine before mating. What a turn on !!

 # 9. The female bedbug mates by getting jabbed in the abdomen by the male’s private part.

 # 8. The male slug’s private part is so big he must find a mate of comparable size or risk having it bitten off.

 # 7. The male angelfish latches on to the female like a parasite, living off her food and fertilizing her when she is ready to lay eggs.

 # 6. The male hippo attracts a female by using his tail to spray her with his poop. How romantic is that ?

 # 5. A male goat urinates on himself to attract the ladies. He does it in his mouth too, like it’s goat mouthwash.

 # 4. The female knot-tying weaverbird will refuse to mate with a male that has built a shoddy nest. The male must take the nest completely apart and rebuild it to win the affections of the female.

 # 3. The female praying mantis eats her mate after sex.

 # 2. White-Fronted parrots actually snuggle up together and lock beaks before the act.

 # 1. The most unusual mating habit is of the South African ground squirrel. They are so friendly with each other. The only time they spend with females is to mate and they don’t fight over females like American squirrels do. It cost the American tax payer $ 600,000 dollars to find this out !