1st Baby Celebrated!

The new Women’sLifeCenterin the Laurens County Hospital opened late last week. Late Sunday night, the first child to be born in the new center arrived. Weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces was Zy’Marion Fahrel Simpson, born to LaShunda Vance of Clinton.  Yesterday, the Hospital celebrated the new center’s first arrival by inviting local news media to watch as the new Baby was presented with a $1,000 Savings Bond from the Hospital. The newborn and his Mom were joined by an older sister and others as he was also presented with a gift basket from Nurses in the Women’sLifeCenter.

Jennifer Gregory is the Nurse Director for the center. We asked her about the opening of the new center. “It was very busy…..Very hectic moving from the old to new. But we have a lot of staff input, that’s been very good….Not only the nursing staff but the whole hospital coming together to help get everything over to the new area and get us running. So, we’re excited, very happy for some more patients come in and hopefully deliver more babies.”

The new baby was delivered by Dr. Mike Wiggins. We asked for his thoughts on the new Women’s Center.  “We moved in last week…they’ve gotten everything well-organized. We were anticipating this delivery and everything went very smoothly. We’re all excited, it’s taken longer to get into the building than we had hoped, but we’re really pleased with the facilities and I think the patients are going to really enjoy the experience now.”

Dr. Wiggins also spoke of the advantage of having other women’s services in the same Women’s LifeCenter.

“The unit also has rooms for gynaecology, so we’ll have the entire OB/GYN service in this wing. Actually, I think it will add to the overall cohesiveness of the unit, because all the nurses will be able to help each other, back each other up by being in the same place.”

The 1st Baby’s mother, LaShunda Vance of Clinton, said she was pleased with the care she has received in the new Women’s Center. “Oh, I really enjoyed it. They’re very attentive to me. I really enjoyed it.”