Clinton Council Raises Garbage Fee

 They were talking trash yesterday afternoon during a budget workshop of Clinton City Council. City Manager Frank Stovall told Council he wanted the city’s Sanitation Division to be self-supporting. Stovall then presented the current operating costs for the Sanitation Division – a total of $423,592.00 annually.  He explained that this did not include the administrative costs such as processing payroll.


The current rate for residential garbage pickup is $11.00 per month for up to 2 cans.  That rate does not cover the costs he explained.  In order to cover just the actual costs the rate would need to increase to $13.78 during the next fiscal year.  Further rate increases would have to be planned in order to keep the Sanitation Division paying its own way. But Mr. Stovall proposed that instead of raising the rate to meet costs immediately a plan should be undertaken to implement cost reductions and a gradual movement to long-term self-sustaining rates by 2018.  That option, he told council, would mean an increase of $1.00 per month for both residential and commercial garbage pick up during the upcoming budget year.


After deliberating, council voted unanimously to adopt the gradual option of moving the Sanitation Division toward a self-sustaining rate.  They also approved the suggested $1 per month increase in the garbage collection rate effective with the new budget on the first of July.