Traffic Arrest Held for Weapons Charge

 A man arrested last night on traffic charges is to also face a weapons violation today.

 Laurens Police Officer Charles Simmons reported meeting a 4-door sedan on Sumter Street Extension, near Watts Avenue at 10:02 last night. He indicated then observing no light to illuminate the license plate on the rear of the car, so he turned around to stop the car. Officer Simmons reported the vehicle appeared to speed up at this point so that he lost sight of it after turning around. He reportedly caught sight of the car while approaching Marion Street on Sumter and saw the vehicle make a right turn onto Fleming from Sumter Street at a high rate of speed, and without using a signal. The vehicle reportedly left a cloud of dust in the air after making a left turn onto Holmes Street. Officer Simmons observed the car turn into a driveway on Holmes. He activated his blue light, drove to the scene and had the driver stay in the vehicle. Other officers arrived as back up. Two passengers were detained until a check on records indicated no charges pending; then they were allowed to leave.

The driver of the car, identified as 25-year-old David Emanuel Shearin of 118 Williams Street, Laurens, was issued tickets charging him with 2nd Offense Driving under Suspension of his license, with Failure to give a turn Signal, and with a Faulty Equipment violation. Meanwhile, since the vehicle was to be towed from the scene, an inventory of the vehicle was conducted, during which Officer Gainey reportedly observed the handle of a pistol sticking out from under the driver’s seat. A Glock 45-caliber handgun with six rounds of ammunition was taken and placed into evidence.  Davis Shearin was being held in the Johnson Detention Center for a warrant to charge him with Unlawful Carrying of a Pistol.