Ten Ways To Know That You Are In Alabama.

 By Jan

#10. When entering Alabama, you’ll find that the birds fly up side down.


# 9. When the governor’s mansion burned down in Birmingham, it just about took out the whole trailer park.


# 8. What about the 300 million dollar lottery. The guy who won it will get $ 3.00 a year for a million years.


# 7. How do we know the tooth brush was invented in Alabama …….Any other state would have called it teeth brush.


# 6. Was unfortunate that the University of Alabama’s library burned down……got both books but the real tragedy was that only one had been colored in.


# 5. The reason Albama students have TGIF written on their shoes….it means ” toes go in first “.


# 4. The real way you can tell that you are in Alabama…..all the cars are on blocks and the houses on wheels.


# 3. If a man divorces his wife in Albama….is she still his cousin ?


# 2. The reason all the tall pine trees in the state lean in towards Alabama is because Albama sucks !


# 1. Drinking age was raised from 21 to 30 in Alabama because the teachers got tired of the grade school students coming in with liquor on their breath.