One Man & Three Women Arrested Early Saturday

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man and three women early Saturday morning in connection with an alleged Methamphetamine Operation in Upper Laurens County. Deputies received a tip about illegal narcotics on Allen Bridge Road, and Deputies Devin Hodges, Steven Sweat and Sgt. Johnston arrived to investigate and the person inside reportedly refused to answer the door. A smell was observed from the house and a pot was reportedly located outside, so one deputy went for a search warrant while the others stood by. After executing the search warrant, suspects were taken into custody and several items were reportedly located. They included 3 pounds of salt, two one-pots, cold packs, 2 gallons of Coleman camp fuel, tubing, batteries cut open an HCL generator, tools and filters. Most items were reportedly found in trash cans or rooms of the residence. No one inside claimed the items. 

 Facing five charges is 38-year-old Angela Michelle Starnes of 4128 Allen Bridge Road, Fountain Inn. She was initially issued a ticket citing her with Simple Possession of Marijuana as of 2:43 Saturday morning on Allen Bridge Road. She was later served with warrants alleging Manufacture of Methamphetamine, Illegal Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste, and with two counts of Illegal Drug Possession. Deputy Devin Hodges states that on April 20th Angela Starnes had items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine in her possession on Allen Bridge Road, and that she unlawfully disposed of methamphetamine waste at that location without authority to do so. Deputy Hodges also states that Angela Starnes had two Schedule II Controlled Substances in her possession illegally Saturday. 

Bonds on the five charges totaled $50,620. Angela Starnes remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

 Meanwhile, 33-year-old Autumn Dawn Welch of Jay Drive, Pickens was also charged with Manufacturing Methamphetamine and with Illegal Disposal of Methamphetamine waste, also accused of having items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine at the location on Allen Bridge Road, and illegally disposing of waste at that location. 

Bonds on the two charges total $40,000. Autumn Dawn Welsh of Pickets also remained in the Johnson Detention Center this morning.

17-year-old Casey B. Starnes of 3395 Highway 92, Gray Court was also charged with Methamphetamine Manufacture and Illegal Methamphetamine Disposal from the same case. She was released from the Johnson Detention CenterSunday on $40,000 Surety Bonds.

  37-year-old Clinton Wallace “Cletus” Tucker of 100 Old Abbeville Highway, Anderson  was charged with Third or Subsequent Offense, Manufacturing Methamphetamine, as well as Illegal Disposal of Methamphetamine Waste. His warrant alleging being in possession of items used in the manufacture of methamphetamine Saturday also states that he has been convicted on two prior occasions for the same offense.

Clinton“Cletus” Tucker’s bonds were also set totaling $40,000 on the two charges, and he also remained in theLaurensCountyDetentionCenterthis morning.