Top Ten Interesting Things You Find Out At A Class Reunion.

By Jan

 # 10. You find that you are not the only one that added  minutes to the ” Hour Glass Figure ” you used to have.

 # 9. You see more grey hair in one room than you have ever seen before.

 # 8. Heard one guy say,” remember when shake, rattle, and roll meant more than just getting out of bed ?”

 # 7. Met some friends that now live in the country and have chickens and about 6 roosters. One of the roosters just barely squeaks and has a high-pitched sound when he tries to crow, the man said the reason for this is because his wife named that rooster ” Prissy,” and it gave the rooster a complex.

 # 6. One man named Bud answered his cell phone saying ,” Hey this Bud’s for you .”

 # 5. Absolute fun to find out who can still dance and who can’t and who tried but never could.

 # 4. You actually stand before a judge and get a big hug rather than being sent to the pokey.

 # 3. Just amazing the food you get, hamburger with the trimmimgs,slaw, potato chips, and baked beans. You would really think that the cooks would know not to serve Beans to old farts !! But I guess with all the noise, no one would hear anything anyway.

 # 2. A guy that works at the Laurens Airport told me to please tell his boss that he needs a tractor with air conditioning and a stereo system so he can listen to WLBG.

 # 1. Thank the Lord for name tags !! Now the men that used to just look at your chest when talking to you now look at the name tag instead.