4-wheeler Recovered, then a Dirt Bike & A Dog Rescued

   Clinton Public Safety recovered a 4-wheeler yesterday afternoon that had been stolen from out on Leesville Church Road. In the process, City Officers also located a dirt bike and took custody of a dog that had been chained to a tree with no water, food or shelter within reach.

At 3:11 yesterday afternoon Clinton Public Safety Officer Jason Prather was called by Lt. Goggins to go check on a four-wheeler that was in the woods at the end of Tandy Way. On arrival, Sgt. Prather observed a red Honda 4-wheeler that had been partially painted black, then observed two black spray paint cans nearby in a creek. Lt. Goggins arrived and made contact with the Sheriff’s office to determine if this was a 4-wheeler reported stolen from Leesville Church Road.

While Lt. Goggins was in contact with the Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Prather observed a gray Pit Bull dog several yards away from the 4-wheeler. The dog was chained to a tree and did not have any food or water. It could not get to a make-shift shelter nearby. Others came to take the four-wheeler so the county could pick it up, and to take the dog. Meanwhile, Sgt. Kuykendall arrived and noted there was also a dirt bike lying behind one of the trailers in the area. Sgt. Prather then observed the same black spray paint had been applied to the dirt bike, which was otherwise blue. It was also taken into evidence.