Jostens Cutting Laurens Workforce by 1/3rd

 A staff reduction was announced today for the Jostens Plant in Laurens, with local employment reduced by about 1/3rd.

A statement from Corporate says that the company is transitioning the remaining 2% of manufacturing processes to their business partner in Mexico, from the completion of this delivery season and continuing through the end of July.

 They stated that this means approximately 60 positions will be eliminated between now and the end of July, the majority from manufacturing and a few from distribution.

The Jostens statement said “evolving demands of our market and industry compel us to make changes in the way we do business. This decision was made to improve our customers’ experience and realize efficiencies.” Jostens stated “By transitioning the majority of the remaining manufacturing, Jostens will have all related product in one location for manufacturing entire orders at one time.”

The statement from David Chivers of Jostens said “This was not an easy decision to make, as we understand the impact it has on employees and their families. Jostens is committed to supporting each impacted employee during the transition. All eligible employees will be offered support in the form of severance arrangements and outplacement services. We’ll retain a workforce of about 130 positions in Laurens across manufacturing, distribution and support functions.”