Top Ten Possible Reasons for the Suspicious Saudi Deportation

 #10…This fellow had received an urgent call from his mother back home, saying his pet Camel had neither eaten nor slept since he’d been gone. You know, camels can go a long time without food or water, but they need their sleep. It must be a close bond between man and beast.

 #9 … He had just taken a job with Vidal Sassoon. Word is, this guy loves working with hair. You wouldn’t have thought it just to look at him. Goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

 #8 … During a super-secret election, this guy had been selected as the new Finance Minister for Greece. He had to rush off to save the day there. 

 #7 … This wasn’t as bad as it sounds, Randy. Word is that this Saudi was needed in a hurry in China. They have placed him in a t-shirt factory. Seems he is quite the loom fixer.  – a lost art.

 #6 … The little known secret is that this guy is an employee of Burger King there in Boston, where they’re planning to introduce a new Camel Burger. They say it’s quite tasty, and low in Cholesterol, too.   

 #5  .. It may just be a matter of politics. The paranoid political people have a theory that this fellow has just been named as our Ambassador to Chechnya. Unfortunately, the popularity of the Chechnyan people has plummeted.

 #4 …He is actually a New York Times Special Investigative reporter. They’re using this ruse of deportation to plant him in an Al Quida cell in Saudia Arabia

 #3 …He’s a salesman for the Haines Corporation, headed to Saudi Arabia to introduce a new line of underwear that’s supposed to provide the personal support we all need while also providing protection against the desert sands. Modern technology keeps things cool in the daytime and warm during the cold Arabian nights. (hard to wash – have to send it to a certified air conditioner repairman.

 #2 … He was working for an organization, had a health insurance policy. He just discovered the policy requires a proctology exam. That was the final straw, so he headed home. I think the idea of such an exam is against his religion.

 # 1 … It was actually just time to go home. He had been sent here to introduce the use of Camels to the people of Boston. The attempt ended as a colossal failure. We don’t know if the people there just didn’t like Camels or if the camels just didn’t like all the snow. .  Maybe they should have tried this down here – at Mountville.  Mountville folks are good with animals.