Vending Machine Trashed for Cash

 The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the CBI plant at 366 Old Airport Road east of Laurens at 8:02 yesterday morning on a report of damage to a coin operated dispensing machine. Sgt. John Carter was shown the machine, which was found behind the paint shop of the plant, between several shipping trailers and trees. It was lying on its side on a paint shop trailer. The door to the machine had been cut and pried open. All the money had been taken from the machine, except for one dollar bill that was torn in half and stuck in the machine. A yellow crow bar was lying on the paint shop trailer with the vending machine. A yellow flashlight was on the back of one of the trailers nearby. Other tools were also found nearby, thought to have been taken from a construction department at the plant. The vending machine had been taken from the canteen of the plant. The canteen was first noted as missing at 3:45 yesterday afternoon by a security guard. It was not determined how much money was taken. It appears the machine will be a total loss, with thousands of dollars in damage.