Busy Day for One Woman, EMS, Police & Fire!

 Charges are pending on a Simpsonville woman following her alleged assault on a Laurens County EMS employee yesterday morning, and the alleged theft of a car last evening.

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to West Main in front of Laurens Middle School at 5:09 yesterday morning, where EMS was having trouble with the 34-year-old woman. She had reportedly become combative and kicked an EMS employee in the leg and stomach, then punched her in the eye. The woman reportedly stated that EMS staff was going to kidnap her and steal her identity. Laurens Patrolman Andrew Ashley followed the ambulance to the hospital, and observed the woman break free of her restraints during transport. He secured her with handcuffs. The woman was delivered to the Laurens County Hospital for treatment. Charges of Assault and Battery were being requested for the assault on the EMT.

  Laurens City Police were dispatched to Ingle’s at 901 East Main at 6:30 last evening on a stolen vehicle report. An Ingle’s employee said her vehicle was taken from the parking lot while she was at work. She had apparently left her keys in the car when she took a break during the day. Sgt. David Brewer was then notified by Laurens County dispatch that they received a call from a woman about her car being on fire on I-385 around the 12 mile marker. It was reportedly the same woman the EMS had trouble with yesterday morning. Firefighers arriving on the scene noted this person was there. Sheriff’s Lt. Marty Crain also arrived and reported observing a woman wearing blue scrubs running around in the highway. The Gray Court Fire Department put the fire out. Lt. Crain indicated the engine had caught fire, also melting the bumper. The 1997 Nissan Maxima had extensive damage. EMS transported the woman to Greenville Memorial Hospital for evaluation. Charges of Assault and Battery as well as Car Theft are now pending for the Simpsonville woman, for when she is released, again, from a hospital.