County Budget Gets 1st Vote

 Laurens County Council began the process of approving a new budget at last night’s meeting by unanimously approval of 1st reading for the 2013-2014 spending plan. As in recent years, 1st reading used the same numbers as the current year’s budget, as county administration is working on what changes are needed. County Administrator Ernie Segars told the council that this would get the ball rolling. Council then scheduled their first budget workshop for Monday, May 6th. Segars assured council that more workshops will be required before the budget is finalized.

Council also gave 1st reading approval to an ordinance that will provide a special education appropriation for the fiscal year 2013-14. 90% of the one mill tax levy will be disbursed to Piedmont Technical College while USC-U at Laurens will receive 10% of the funds generated.

    County Council gave 2nd reading approval to an ordinance that is to convey the Alleys of Wattsville to the Laurens City Commission of Public Works.