Neighbors Pick Up Trash Together

Laurens Police were dispatched to Crescent Drive just before midnight last night on a report that a neighbor had come into the woman’s yard and was dumping all the trash from her outside trash can onto the ground. She said he’d come into her yard upset about her ‘stealing’ his trash can. She said when she moved in she was told the city provided a trash can, so she got that one from the street and began using it. Officer Andrew Ashley talked with the man at this home, noting he was intoxicated. The man said once he confirmed it was his trash can, he dumped the neighbor’s trash and took his trash can home. Officer Ashley suggested there were other ways of dealing with situations that are a little more civil. Both the man and his neighbor came to agreement that both would pick up the trash. After that was done, he advised both to stay in their yards, and call police if other problems occur. They both stated they understood.