District 56 Seeks Public Input on $3.2 Million in Renovations

  An estimated $3.2 million in improvements are needed for School District 56, primarily targeted at the old Clinton High School. The school board is considering a bond issue to finance the renovations, which Superintendent Dr. David O’Shields said are very much needed.

The School Board wants public input on the matter, and a “Facilities Workshop” is planned for May 7th to get that input.

  As outlined at Monday night’s school board meeting, the proposed renovations include $1.4 million work on the old Clinton High School building on North Adair, where the roof, heating and air system and windows need work or replacement. Dr. O’Shields also indicated the need of $900,000 worth of technology enhancements and $550,000 for construction of athletic fields. 

 This “Facilities Workshop” is to be held Tuesday, May 7th at 6:15 pm.  Board Chairman Jim Barton said the Board strongly desires to hear from interested members of the community. Current Board Policy requiring a three-day notice to address the board will be waived to encourage public participation.