Top Ten Ways To Keep America Beautiful

 by: Jan

# 10. Try to keep the pollen washed off of the vehicles. Yellowish green just is not a pretty color.


# 9. Pick up behind your dogs when you walk them. People do not like to step in dog poop getting to their car in the morning.


# 8. Be sure that your cats don’t use the neighbor’s kids sandbox to take their morning dump. Little kids would just play in it anyway.


# 7. If you have a trashy yard, plant flowers in front of it so it just looks like a bed of flowers.


# 6. Dry all your underwear with stains and or holes in them, in the dryer inside. Don’t hang them on the line for everyone to see.


# 5. If your dog is in heat, please keep her in the back yard ! Little kids riding by don’t understand what is going on.


# 4. Ladies please tell your husbands to keep the blinds closed and shades down when he gets out of the shower and runs through the house dancing around in the nude.


# 3. Take your morning meds and don’t drink too much caffine. It is not a pretty sight to see you waving with one finger at another motorist that made you mad.


# 2. Pull your pants up, no one wants to see your stained or holey underpants or your muffin top belly.


# 1. For goodness sake keep Nancy Pelosi pictures hidden out of sight. Might want to add Janet Nepolitano to this also.