Why Not Knock?

   Laurens City Police were dispatched to an apartment at 218 Spring Street at 54 minutes after midnight this morning by a woman calling to report her boyfriend had kicked in her apartment door. She indicated that she and her boyfriend had been arguing all night, and he had left the residence. She said he returned around 12:50 this morning and instead of knocking on the door he kicked the door in. When Master Patrolman Charles Simmons arrived at the scene the boyfriend was allegedly screaming obscenities, disturbing the entire building and causing other residents to come outside to see what was happening.  21-year-old Richard Jeffery “Ricky” Lee of 1512 Great Falls Highway, Chester was arrested and placed in the Johnson Detention Center. Warrants were to be obtained to charge him with Public Disorderly Conduct and Malicious Damage. The apartment door reportedly received $1,000 in damages.