No Cops! Just Send an Ambulance!

    Laurens Police were dispatched to Caines Street at 1:28 Sunday afternoon on a report of someone with a laceration to his head needing medical attention. A woman reportedly met officers at the door who said she didn’t want law enforcement, just an ambulance, and said “you can leave and call EMS on your way.” At this point the victim stumbled to the door and was attempting to get past the woman to speak with officers, but was not allowed out of the house. Officers informed the woman that EMS would treat the man once they had determined the scene was safe for EMS to enter. At this point the woman became very vocal and adamant that officers leave because no crime had occurred. Officers noted  it was apparent that the victim had been assaulted as they could observe his right eye severely swollen, a small gash still bleeding on his forehead and a knot above his right eye. Lt. Heath Copeland and Sgt. David Brewer then cleared the house. Lt. Copeland was speaking with the victim while Officers Thibodeau and Sgt. Brewer were speaking with the woman, who stated the victim started the right by swinging at “him” but would hot inform them who “him” was. She reportedly told about “a short guy” and demonstrated how he had picked up the victim and body slammed him to the ground and proceeded to strike him about the face and head multiple times. She and the victim reportedly stated he was also struck in the side of his head with a glass vase. 

 The victim, a 51-year-old man from Fountain Inn, reportedly lost consciousness for several minutes while being treated by EMS. On regaining consciousness he appeared very dazed and did not understand what was occurring, and he became aggressive with EMS and the police officers. He appeared to be suffering from head trauma as well as alcohol consumption. He was strapped to a stretcher and transported to Greenville for treatment.