Top Ten Other Candidates For The Chief Of Police.

 by Jan

# 10. Elmo Arbagoogle. He could woo the criminals in with the pole dancers at the crab shack. After a few drinks who cares how old they are !


# 9. Emil Finley. He would make sure the office bathrooms had toilet paper at all times cause he is the one that has that job at WLBG and he is good at it !


# 8. Carroll Barker, former chief of the city of Clinton. After all he is the head of the poop scoop commitee and is well known as bottom line Barker.


# 7. Bryan Bently. We all know Bryan is never at a loss for words, he could talk the law breakers into jail or better yet he could show them his E.T. suit.


# 6. Jabori Cook. He could always get people from the Sonic to the jail, with a little help of a huge map.


# 5. Willie the crack head. Just get him a little high and he would show where all the dealers live.


# 4. Mike VanVranken, just keep plenty of coffee on hand and he could take plenty of scandrels to jail while they try to pronounce his last name correctly.


# 3. Billy Fullbright, he used to be over the water works at CPW. He probably could flush the bad guys out, after all he used to flush hydrants each year.


# 2. Jeff Foxworthy, We live down south and Jeff knows more about ” Red Necks ” than anyone else !


# 1. Randy Stevens. If anyone needs to be caught , Dandy Randy could get them with his motorcycle or put a mic in front of him and he could lure them in with constant talk about being the Man of Steel or Mighty Whitey !